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BEST Downtown Phoenix Bars (Underground!)

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When we say underground, we really mean underground! Most of these secretive spots are found in basements, bomb shelters, and cool underground nooks and crannies. In a town as HOT as Phoenix, an underground bar helps to keep the booze cool and the patrons too! When temperatures get into the 100s and a nice libation sounds like the only thing that will do, this is the place to look for the perfect spot to belly up to the downtown bar and order the perfect potion. Looking for a snappy cocktail or an upscale wine? We've got downtown Phoenix bars for those too.

The Event Oracle has all the answers for great downtown Phoenix bars or one of the surrounding cities. Whether it is an upscale lounge or a down and dirty dive bar, we've collected the best places for a refreshing drink. Or if the bar scene isn't your thing and you need something perhaps more family friendly or only have the morning to explore, then visit the Event Oracle's calendar of events for Phoenix for more great ideas.

Have another favorite bar that you think should be on this list? Let us know!