Carnival Of Illusion - Magic, Mystery & Ooh La La

End of Season


OK, here’s the numbers for our second season ending April 2011…..

Yes it was definitely a super fun year and although we haven’t yet caught up on sleep, we’re proud of the great year and wonderful guests from all over the country that visited us.

This year we performed 90 Carnival of Illusion theater shows and another 60 corporate events around the country (we’re tired even telling you this!) That’s 150 shows overall. (Actually it was 149 but I’m taking the liberty to round up just a tad.)

65 Carnival shows were sold out! Sorry, gotta come back next week.

Celebrated our 1,000th performance together with a fundraiser benefiting the DeGrazia Arts Education Foundation.

Cooked over 8 kilos of Segafredo wonderful Italian coffee beans for lots of wonderful espresso to keep us going.

We can’t wait until next season, we have some very fun and exciting secrets up our sleeves for you. See you then!


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