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Why We Move Chairs

  When we opened the Tucson Ritz-Carlton, we moved all 500 chairs by ourselves. At the Tucson Convention Center, we moved all 750 chairs every trade show we were featured. At the Westin Kierland we moved every solid wood table … Continue reading

Why is Magic So Hard?

  Recently I was rereading one of my favorite modern tomes on magic. Written by a performer named Levent, he’s a wonderful scholar of magic yet writes not from the perspective of a historian but a working performer. (That’s because … Continue reading

It’s a Mystery

  Many find it fascinating but designing the next generation of astronomical instruments to investigate the infancy of the universe wasn’t making me happy. In fact, I was in pain. Of course it was intellectually stimulating but I was lacking … Continue reading

Ethics in Magic

  The issue of “ethics” in magic is actually quite a humorous topic with a long history. There is a common misconception that has been perpetuated by amateur magicians that secrets are everything in magic. (There was an uproar over … Continue reading


  When I was young and still living at home, my family would take long car trips every summer that lasted for weeks. Once we drove from Los Angeles to the tip of Baja California, took a ferry to mainland … Continue reading

Finding Beauty

  You might know his work although you may not recognize the name, at least this was true in my case. If you ever flipped through the Sunday New York Times and glanced at the collage of small fashion photos … Continue reading

Creative Truths

  I’ve had this idea bubbling in my head for years for a card trick with a strong leaning of fortune telling or the I Ching. However I wanted the cards to be specially printed with sayings by artists on … Continue reading

Today I Went to Paris

  After living in Paris for a year in my mid twenties, I still have a piece of my heart there. Whenever there’s been an opportunity to return, somehow a detour gets thrown and the trip is postponed. Perhaps it … Continue reading

Related to Houdini?

  It was a most unlikey place. Standing next to a long row of bicycles after a pie eating benefit for a local charity, I was introduced to a woman, about my age, with a strong Long Island accent and … Continue reading


  There have been a few times in my life when art hit me over the head so hard I knew I wouldn’t be the same after experiencing it. It was as if in those moments, your life was transformed … Continue reading

Arizona Attraction

  Thank you to the Southern AZ Attraction Alliance for presenting a fun trade show today. The Tucson Metropolitan Convention and Visitor’s bureau (MTCVB) did a great job as a partner welcoming and organizing much of the day’s schedule. The … Continue reading

End of Season

  OK, here’s the numbers for our second season ending April 2011….. Yes it was definitely a super fun year and although we haven’t yet caught up on sleep, we’re proud of the great year and wonderful guests from all … Continue reading

Great to Have Friends

  Catching up with an old friend last night that has lived abroad, traveled the world, and married to an internationally renown painter (who’s designing a stage set for the Paris opera), we spoke afterwards about the world premier of … Continue reading

Behind the Carnival

  Thanks for peeking behind the scenes of Carnival of Illusion. Our show is made from dreams, inspirations and support  from the many people that make up the Carnival experience. We look forward to our adventure together. If you want … Continue reading