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It’s a Mystery


Many find it fascinating but designing the next generation of astronomical instruments to investigate the infancy of the universe wasn’t making me happy. In fact, I was in pain. Of course it was intellectually stimulating but I was lacking that one emotion that wakes us in the middle of the night with that burning flame of passion. I called it ‘magic’ and it had left my life. I believed if you want more magic in your life then the obvious step would be to create it. So I quit my university career and my MBA program and began studying what I loved most.

After my partner Susan’s father died unexpectedly, she was hurled into an abyss. When she emerged from the depths, she began exploring her father’s heritage. Her family had only celebrated their ethnicity in food but she soon discovered bellydance. Although she has danced all her life and taught the other kids at school, this dance was different. It allowed her to express her spirit, her beauty and her life energy. It was her new found passion and she traveled the world studying and teaching it.

A friend suggested we help each other with our explorations and although we laughed that we loved the two cheesiest arts, we also had discovered two of the oldest arts. Bellydance was originally a secret birthing rite and magic was the language of the shamans. We discovered we were on the same path and wanted to share our passions together.

So in a way what we’ve done with our company has been an attempt from the start to take people on an ancient journey told in a modern context. This is a journey from our modern cubicles and computer screens to a dimension of the intangible, the mysterious. It’s a journey of imagining, wondering, laughing and dreaming as emotional human beings. We also believe that’s what people want everywhere. Unfortunately there aren’t that many ways today that move us in this direction. However, we believe that music, dance and illusion are key ingredients to remind us of the infinite possibilities that exist everywhere. It is all a mystery.

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