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Great to Have Friends


Catching up with an old friend last night that has lived abroad, traveled the world, and married to an internationally renown painter (who’s designing a stage set for the Paris opera), we spoke afterwards about the world premier of a movie we just watched. The movie was filmed by a bigwig artist for names in New York we all know. Filmed as an abstract mixture of politics, ritual, and border issues to a backdrop of beautiful music with performers wearing skeleton costumes and fire dancers in fantastic handmade lycra ensembles, everyone walked out feeling a tribute to the psychedelic seventies. Everyone said the film was “amazing” and couldn’t wait until it was released to the public. Our friend we ran into earlier however, leaned over and said to Susan and I, “I’ve never been impressed with that sort of thing. I’ve always felt it was just an issue of practice. What really impresses me is Magic. Performing Magic is what’s truly amazing!”

It’s great to have friends.

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