Web Savvy Oracle: Internet Marketing Optimization Team.

If You Were Granted 3-Wishes

and one changed web visitors into customers. . .

your wish is our command!

You work hard to grow your business but your website is less than stellar. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. The average site sells to just 1 out of every 100 visitors. That’s why you need (ahem) a little magic. The Web Savvy Oracle will discover opportunities on your site and show you how increased revenue can be in your future.

Our team of experts will thoroughly research your website and reveal a myriad of strategies you can implement to convert curious visitors into paying customers.

The Web Savvy Oracle is your one-stop internet marketing user-experience and conversion rate optimization team. (That’s geek speak for, We’ll make you money!) With over 30 years combined digital marketing knowledge, our experts will conduct a full examination and include design, content, technical, and user experience recommendations to maximize your overall conversion ratio for both desktop and mobile configurations. Areas of focus and suggestions include:

  • Defining traffic goals
  • Landing page layout
  • Clarity of content and value proposition
  • Compelling call to actions
  • Simplicity of purchase process
  • Measure page-load speed
  • Highlight psychological user roadblocks
  • Identify broken links
  • Clarify navigation
  • Simplify visitor purchase path
  • Minimize user clicks
  • User-experience recommendations

You’ll receive a comprehensive To-Do List with all suggestions rated for sales potential versus implementation complexity. (Like a crystal ball but way more accurate.) This allows you to first apply the biggest changes with the least amount of effort.

Let our team illuminate how to maximum your web sales. Open Sesame... your revenue potential awaits!

The Web Savvy Oracle
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