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Best Tucson Restaurants for Foodies (that won't break the bank!)

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Tucson is a great destination for its yearly and special events like the Tucson Gem Show and the All Souls Procession, but eventually everyone has to eat! So the Event Oracle is here to turn you on to some fun, casual, and hip dining options. Next time you are out and about and wanting to try something different, check out one of the many eclectic food choices that Tucson has to offer. From street carts to fine dining, the Event Oracle's crystal ball will guide you to THE tastiest food options in town. A wide variety and an eclectic mix of food choices makes this a great list for any visitor or local alike.

So next time you are driving through the great state of Arizona and find yourself near the city of Tucson, stop by any one of these restaurants for a great food experience. You will not be disappointed. The Oracle knows!