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FUN Things to do in Arizona (This Weekend) and Every Day

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ALSO: Scottsdale BEST Things
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Arizona's packed full of interesting and fun things to do on vacation. There's much more to the state than desert, and of course it's the home to the Grand Canyon! But after you've visited all the famous places (that the family secretly finds ho-hum), we're sharing our FAVORITE things to do from a local perspective. Bonus, if you need ideas pronto, check out these Phoenix things to do today, Scottsdale happenings, and Tucson things to do. Enjoy the master list of the best things to do in Arizona this weekend...

From family fun to adrenaline-packed activities, Phoenix has a lot to offer. You can also check out Events in Phoenix today super fun to do guide. Check out Events in Tucson today if you're heading in that direction. Whether you take in an evening of magic at the Carnival of Illusion or enjoy hours of fun golfing with the kids, you will surely have a good time. Action, culture, good food, and the nostalgia of route 66 await you.