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Tucson Murals (You Must See) in Person!

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ALSO: Best Tucson Treasures
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The Oracle knows that over the years Tucson has become known for its burgeoning art scene, and the Wall Street Journal recently named it a mini mecca for the arts. With a good selection of art galleries, museums and a rich film making history it's no wonder that all this artistic talent has spilled over to the streets of the city in the form of STREET MURALS. Of course there are many reasons to visit Tucson, including exciting Tucson events like the rodeo or the Tucson Gem Show, but we think Tucson is worth a visit just to see its murals. They have become an appealing attraction and hugely popular with locals and tourists that visit the city. The Oracle is here to show you where to find some of the best ones.

Tucson as a city has a rich heritage of supporting the artistic efforts of its residents. The Arizona University has an extensive Arts program that is recognized across the entire USA. As an extension of the University there is also an on-campus Arts Museum which holds exhibits and displays from all around the world and contains thousands of paintings, sculptures, drawings, and other pieces. There are also an increasing number of art programs that residents can participate in, and several are purposely designed to capture the imagination of the city's younger generation. This gives them an outlet and an opportunity to enhance their creative skills and expression.

Murals continue to show up on buildings around town on a regular basis, so keep checking back to see new and exciting mural art around the city of Tucson.