GREAT Tucson Theater Events (Comedies, Plays, Dinner Shows!)

There is no shortage of Tucson theater shows, with a diversity of mainstream choices and alternative options. Great Tucson theater is found at multiple locations with something fun for just about everyone. With our Tucson Theater Guide, here's the best list to help you find the perfect theater show in Tucson for you!

Among the most popular choices in Tucson is Carnival of Illusion, named the "Best Show in Tucson", Broadway in Tucson, The Arizona Theater Company, and the Arizona Opera are also among the top entertainment choices. You'll find this site has options for traditional to offbeat, small to large, and pop to profound. Enjoy...

Carnival of Illusion

"The Best Show in Tucson!" You've probably already heard of Carnival of Illusion as it's been featured on many media outlets throughout Arizona, including the Tucson Citizen, Tucson Weekly, Tucson Lifestyle, and the AZ Daily Wildcat. If you're looking for a magical night out, Carnival of Illusion transports you on a fun evening of Old-World Magic. The Vaudeville-inspired show offers the perfect blend of magic, stories, and laughs. You'll travel through magical adventures with the award-winning masters of their craft in an evening of Magic, Mystery and OOOH La La! All shows sell out so check availability at Carnival of Illusion.

Featuring large live performances at Broadway in Tucson.

Broadway in Tucson

Broadway in Tucson is known to feature some of the biggest theater shows in Southern Arizona. In partnership with UA Presents, the theater strives to provide entertainment in Tucson to everyone, offering assisted listening devices so everyone can enjoy the performances. Located on the University of Arizona campus, the theater accommodates as many as 2,500 guests. The current season is taking place at Centennial Hall, featuring big traveling shows such as The Wizard of Oz and Jersey Boys.

Find up and coming artists at UA Morroney Theatre

UA Marroney Theatre

Built in 1956, the Marroney Theatre in Tucson seats 332 in a newly refurbished proscenium auditorium. You'll find up and coming artists, as the theater works with the School of Theatre, Film, and Television in collaboration with the University of Arizona. With new seats, decor, lighting system and sound system, this Tucson entertainment theater is a great place to support local performers on their journey into the performing arts. You'll have a fun evening while watching the students' dreams come alive right on stage.

Arizona Theatre Company

Arizona Theatre Company

The Arizona Theatre Company offers numerous performances throughout the year, including classic and contemporary plays to musicals at the historic Temple of Music and Art in Tucson. The professional theater strives to enrich lives by offering outreach programs, educational opportunities and professional performances available to the community. As Arizona's first community to support theater, music and culture, the Temple of Music and Art provides a historic, 2-story auditorium, complete with a rehearsal hall, costume shop and art gallery. Each theater, offers a wonderful night of entertainment in Tucson.

UofA School of Dance

UofA School of Dance

The UofA School of Dance presents a unique opportunity to see young dancers who are enrolled in one of the top programs in the United States, perform a variety of styles, due to their training in ballet, modern and jazz. The state-of-the-art Stevie Eller Dance Theatre is the perfect venue for them to hone their skills. With an average of over 30 concerts a year, the students get plenty of opportunity to strut their stuff and bring dance lovers something fresh, and often a little different.

Ballet Arizona features traditional entertainment in Tucson.

Ballet Arizona

Experience the beauty and versatility of the dancing professionals at Ballet Tucson, supported by national companies, including New York City Ballet. Each season, the theater brings you historic classics and mainstream entertainment. There are even many family oriented performances, such as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Ballet Tucson features many special events for the community.

Tucson Convention Center offers a large variety of entertainment in Tucson.

Tucson Convention Center

The Tucson Convention Center offers a full calendar of events throughout the year. The arena offers excellent seating with great views of the performances from every seat. Plus, the theaters also host a welcoming and comfortable environment for the performances. There's also a ballroom, exhibition halls and a music hall for even more entertainment in Tucson.

Center for the Arts hosts live dance and musical performances.

PCC Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts located at Pima Community College offers a 425 seat theater with a lively selection of performances. Not only does the center feature dance and musical performances, but galleries and contemporary works as well. There are also many special events throughout the season. The Center for the Arts is a great and affordable Tucson entertainment venue.

UA Poetry Center promotes poetic literacy.

UA Poetry Center

The UA Poetry Center is a living archive of the spirit of poetry. The center promotes poetic literacy and strives to enrich and advance a diverse literary culture. The internationally renowned library features many events, from classes and workshops to exhibitions and local poets. The Poetry Center is a relaxing place to enjoy great poetry and connect with like-minded individuals.

Arizona Opera features fully staged live entertainment in Tucson.

Arizona Opera

The Arizona Opera offers fully-staged concerts, operas and programs throughout the year in more than one city. The theater strives to transform the power of storytelling through music in hopes to cultivate the community with the arts. With a diversity of performances offered, there's a wide range to choose from. Through their community outreach programs and events, students can even benefit from the Arizona Opera.

UA Presents is a world of entertainment in Tucson

UA Presents

UA Presents is the University of Arizona's professional performing arts presenter. Each season UA Presents brings to Tucson a wide range of amazing world-acclaimed artists, including the likes of Melissa Etheridge, Lang Lang, Jay Leno, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Kodo Drummers of Japan, Patti Labelle and so much more. Each season brings you a huge range of entertainment..everything from classical to jazz to world music, dance, theatre, and family shows. There truly is something for everyone during the UA Presents season of knock-out performances.

Tucson Symphony Orchestra offers diverse musical offerings.

Tucson Symphony Orchestra

The Tucson Symphony Orchestra continuously grows its musical offerings with four different Valley venue locations. Additional performances can be found throughout the city at many restaurants and festivals. Offering beautiful and professionally performed music, the theater has won many awards, even award-winning educational programs. The theater features great entertainment in Tucson, from classic concerts to pop concerts.

Puppets Amongus features puppet show story telling.

Puppets Amongus

Puppets Amongus is a unique form of alternative entertainment in Tucson. The Puppets Amongus Playhouse features finely handcrafted puppets, including giant puppets. With old-world storytelling, the experimental theater creates shows inspired by folklore around the world. With a variety of shows and puppetry styles, there are a number of excellent shows to choose from when looking for great Tucson entertainment for little kids or big kids. You can never be too cool to enjoy puppets.

Black Cherry Burlesque offers late night entertainment in Tucson.

Black Cherry Burlesque

Black Cherry Burlesque is a monthly striptease put on by the Surly Wench Pub in Tucson. If you're looking for an alternative form of entertainment in Tucson, you'll find it here with shows that will charm your pants off. (Well, their pants off anyway.) Featuring live theatrics, dancing, singing, humor, silliness and striptease, you'll get an exciting taste of local burlesque. Black Cherry Burlesque offers a late night entertainment experience.

The Rogue Theatre will challenge your thinking.

Rogue Theatre

If you’re ready to challenge your thinking, the Rogue Theatre is the perfect platform of alternative entertainment in Tucson. Here, you'll find plays that provide complex and provocative points of view surrounding social, personal and political issues. The emerging theatre strives to invigorate and challenge the community. The diversity of performances and artists are wide ranging at this Tucson theater and besides, it's in a very cool location with no uppity snooty types attending.

Zuzi Dance Company presents performing arts for families.

Zuzi Dance

Zuzi Dance Company is a non-profit organization creating a connection of meaning for children and adults who enjoy performing arts. The dance company, school and theater are fully dedicated to preserving performing arts. With beautifully performed shows and events, it's a wonderful place to have a good night out on the town.

Invisible Theatre is a diverse entertainment theater.

Invisible Theater

Don't worry, it's not really invisible so you will find it. If you're looking for an intimate setting to enjoy a live performance, the Invisible Theatre offers plays from the silly to the heartfelt. With an invisible energy flowing between the performers and the audience, the magic of theatre comes alive. Performing many classics, Broadway plays and musicals, there are a diversity of performances to choose from. The invisible Theatre is a unique Tucson entertainment theater to experience.

Loft Cinema is a playhouse for the art of film.

Loft Cinema

The Loft Cinema is known as Tucson's nonprofit independent playhouse for the art of film. This alternative theater in Tucson is a mission-driven theater, celebrating and promoting the art of film. Plus, the cinema hosts a variety of additional entertainment events in Tucson each year, including an international film festival. As a recipient of many awards, the Loft Cinema provided the films you won't see at your local chain theaters. Don't forget, if you become a member you receive free popcorn. What else would you want (other than a beer to follow that down?)

Comedy Playhouse offers fun and mysterious entertainment.

Comedy Playhouse

Visit the Comedy Playhouse for the fun, comedy and mysterious entertainment. With performances every Friday,Saturday and Sunday, you have the opportunity to watch a wide range of shows, including the works of Edgar Allen Poe and a wide range of storytellers. The Comedy Playhouse is the place to spend an evening of laughter.

Gaslight Theatre serves up a fun night out.

Gaslight Theatre

Clever and kitschy, the Gaslight Theatre serves up fun satirical musicals with lots of audience participation and encouragement. With the extra bonus of being able to order food and drink to your table, including beer and wine, what's not to like. Each show is a fun poke at favorite classics like Indiana Jones or Phantom of the Opera. Gaslight has been providing fun, family entertainment for over 35 years, so pack up the kids, grandma and the spouse and head on out for an evening of laughs and good cheer..

Flux Studio and Gallery features local artists in Tucson.

Flux Gallery

Art lovers enjoy the Flux Studio and Gallery in Tucson as it features contemporary art by many local artists, or should we say artistes? The diverse group of talented artists work together to provide distinct works of art to the public. There are weekend-long exhibitions to explore, as well as guest artists making appearances. Flux Studios and Gallery features a full calendar of events throughout the year, so offerings are always changing.

Community Players provides fun musical family performances in Tucson.

Community Players

A home for Tucson musical theater, the Community Players (once the Red Barn Theatre Co.), offers fun musical performances. The productions provide a unique form of alternative entertainment in Tucson. The theater prides itself in performing for the community, offering a wide variety of cast and crew for the audience's pleasure. This Tucson entertainment venue is commonly referred to as the "little theater with a big heart". They happily invite you to see a show or even audition for one too!

Arizona Onstage  provides fun musical family performances in Tucson.

Arizona Onstage Productions

This Tucson based theater company is know for its thought-provoking musical productions. Arizona onstage is a non-profit that was founded by touring actor Kevin Johnson in 2003. They also produce First Stages Theater for Young Audiences, which focuses on musicals for the young, where the children are also given an opportunity to learn about the workings of theater and mingle with the cast. For something different, or perhaps even challenging, you would be well served by a trip to see an Arizona Onstage production.

We hope you discovered new and exciting Tucson theater show ideas. Whether you are looking for a traditional style show... a ballet, an opera or a good drama, or whether you are looking for alternative entertainment, there are lots of great Tucson theater for a great evening out.