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FREE Chicago Date Ideas (You've Probably Never Heard Of!!!)

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Your local Chicago Event Oracle is on track with fun, free, and cheap date ideas for you and that special someone. While Chicago is sometimes known for its inclement weather, there are plenty of fun, cozy things to do that don't involve donning arctic weather gear (and some that do!). And we have just the right spots for you to take your sweetie, all while keeping your budget on track. This fast paced city truly has a lot to offer, from amazing architecture, a thriving arts scene, and even some hidden treasures that you'll only know if you're a local (or are fortunate enough to be favored by my crystal ball!) If you live in the area, or are heading to town for a short visit, here are the best FREE Chicago date ideas that you should check out.

These are just a few of the many fantastic date night options you'll experience in Chicago. It can be tough to find a cheap date idea that's fun, entertaining, and romantic, but free dates can very well be some of the most memorable ones. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a great time in Chicago, and as you can see, there's something that's fun (and free!) for everyone - the Oracle sees one of these exciting date ideas in your near future.

We'll look deep into our crystal ball for any additional date ideas for future posts - if you have any suggestions or recommendations for unique date ideas in Chicago, be sure to let us know!