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  • The Chinese Helped Build the Railroad – The Railroad Helped Build America

    238 W. 23rd St
    Chicago, IL 60616
    The Chinese Helped Build the Railroad – The Railroad Helped Build America

    The Chinese American Museum of Chicago is excited to host a new year-long temporary exhibition, The Chinese Helped Build the Railroad – The Railroad Helped Build America, beginning March 2, 2019, to coincide with the 150th Anniversary of the Golden Spike at Promontory Summit in Utah.

    The bilingual exhibit, which features photographs by Li Ju, pays tribute to the approximately 12,000 Chinese workers who completed the west coast portion of the world’s first Transcontinental Railway.

  • The Shape of the Future

    Museum of Contemporary Art
    220 E Chicago Ave
    Chicago, IL 60611
    The Shape of the Future

    The Shape of the Future features works from the MCA permanent collection that reckon with the dubious dream of a universal design language. Coinciding with the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial, the exhibition explores global modernism as a framework for utopia and speculative world making, marked by traces of labor, political fantasy, and cultural turmoil. Highlighting the histories and ideologies embedded in the built environment, these artists reveal the complexity—and at times absurdity—of the modernist project as a collection of disasters and reveries.

  • Sensing Chicago

    Chicago History Museum
    1601 North Clark Street
    Chicago, IL 60614-6038
    Sensing Chicago

    Use your five senses to uncover the past and discover that history is all around Chicago. Children can ride a high-wheel bicycle, hear the Great Chicago Fire, catch a fly ball at Comiskey Park, smell the Union Stock Yard, and dive into a giant Chicago-style hot dog!

  • Remembering Dr. King

    Chicago History Museum
    1601 North Clark Street
    Chicago, IL 60614-6038
    Remembering Dr. King

    Remembering Dr. King: 1929-1968 invites visitors to walk through a winding gallery that features over 25 photographs depicting key moments in Dr. King’s work and the Civil Rights movement, with a special focus on his time in Chicago.

    Chicago, like other U.S. cities, erupted in the wake of King’s assassination on April 4, 1968. While the center of his activism was focused on dismantling southern Jim Crow, the systems that kept African Americans oppressed in the American South, he spent time in Chicago and often spoke out on the realities of northern discrimination, particularly around the issues of poverty, education and housing.

  • Dance Nation

    1650 N. Halsted
    Chicago, IL 60614
    Dance Nation

    A pre-teen dance troupe navigates ambition, friendship and desire as they claw their way to Nationals in Tampa Bay. Featuring a multigenerational cast of women playing our pre-teen heroines, this Chicago premiere is fiercely funny, theatrically inventive and full of heart.

  • Evil Dead the Musical: The HD Tour?

    2257 Lincoln Ave
    Chicago, IL 60614
    Evil Dead the Musical: The HD Tour?

    Blood flies. Limbs are dismembered. Demons tell bad jokes... and all the music. The songs in this show are completely off the wall as well! Titles like 'All The Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons' and 'What The F**k Was That?' will have you rolling in your seats, and screaming for more! 

    You don't need to be a fan of 'Evil Dead', you don't need to be a fan of horror, and you don't need to be a fan of musicals to love this show, as long as you like having fun then this show is for you. Is it scary? No! Is it gory? No! This is pure comedy from start to finish. Get ready to have fun with the genre of horror like never before, but we aware of your surroundings - if you're in the 'Splatter Zone' expect to leave covered in fake blood! With this combination of blood, jokes, cheesy effects and really awesome musical numbers, 'Evil Dead the Musical' is unlike any live show you've ever seen. 

  • Once On This Island

    151 W Randolph St
    Chicago, IL 60601
    Once On This Island

    Winner of the 2018 TONY AWARD FOR BEST REVIVAL OF A MUSICAL, ONCE ON THIS ISLAND is the sweeping, universal tale of Ti Moune, a fearless peasant girl in search of her place in the world, and ready to risk it all for love. Guided by the mighty island gods, Ti Moune sets out on a remarkable journey to reunite with the man who has captured her heart.

    The groundbreaking vision of two-time Tony Award nominated director Michael Arden (Spring Awakening revival) and acclaimed choreographer Camille A. Brown (NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live) conjures up “a place where magic is possible and beauty is apparent for all to see!” (The Huffington Post). With a score that bursts with life from Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, the Tony Award-winning songwriters of Anastasia and Ragtime, ONCE ON THIS ISLAND is a timeless testament to theater’s unlimited possibilities.

  • Emma

    Navy Pier, 800 East Grand Ave
    Chicago, IL 60611

    reezy, beautiful and uncommonly interested in love-loves (or lack thereof) of others, Emma Woodhouse might be Jane Austen's most imperfect heroine, but that doesn't make her tale any less delightful to watch. Now presented by the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre in an adaptation by Tony-nominated Paul Gordon, find new wit and warmth in Austen's work as set to lush melodies and imbued with new lyrical flourishes.

    What is the story of Emma?

    Published in 1815, Emma is the story of a young woman who's yen for matchmaking finds her getting into all sorts of trouble. After taking the sweet young Harriet Smith under her wing, her attempts to steer her new friend into the arms of an eligible bachelor leave both women broken hearted. Finally, Emma starts to wonder if it's possible to apply rationality and logic to the path of true love.

  • Máximo the Titanosaur

    Field Museum
    1400 S. Lake Shore Dr.
    Chicago, IL 60605
    Máximo the Titanosaur

    The titanosaur Patagotitan mayorum is a big deal—literally, the biggest dinosaur that scientists have discovered to date. This long-necked, plant-eating dinosaur lived over 100 million years ago in what is now Patagonia, Argentina. 

    Named Máximo, meaning “maximum” or “most” in Spanish, our titanosaur cast reaches 122 feet across Stanley Field Hall on our main floor and stands 28 feet tall at the head. Modeled from fossil bones excavated in Argentina, this touchable cast conveys the sheer size of the biggest animal ever to live (It’s longer than a blue whale!). Patagotitan weighed about 70 tons in life—that’s as much as 10 African elephants, like the two specimens on display next to Máximo.