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  • Kate Breakey: Trees

    Kate Breakey: Trees


    n a collaboration with Etherton Gallery The Tucson Botanical Gardens brings Kate Breakey’s delicately hand-colored photographs to the Legacy Gallery in a new exhibition, Kate Breakey: Trees. The internationally known artist has been a tree stalker all her life. From her roots in rural Southern Australia to the Sonoran Desert she has called home for 17 years, Breakey has photographed trees all over the world.

  • Ancient Climates

    Ancient Climates


    Developed by Biosphere 2, this exhibit explores all facets of our changing climate and features striking images of earth and space. Children and adults alike will enjoy peering through a microscope and discovering geological wonders.

  • Woven Through Time: American Treasures of Native Basketry & Fiber Art

    Woven Through Time: American Treasures of Native Basketry & Fiber Art


    Arizona State Museum's new permanent exhibit features a sampling of the more than 35,000 specimens of basketry and other fiber art in the museum's extensive collection, ranging from millennia-old objects to modern-day masterpieces that celebrate the Southwestern U.S. region's ancient and abiding fiber-weaving traditions. ASM’s total assemblage of basketry and fiber art specimens dating back some 8,000 years represents the major indigenous basket-making cultures from across North America. The museum's unparalleled collection of basketry and pottery has been designated an American Treasure by the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Save America’s Treasures Program.

  • The Retablo of Ciudad Rodrigo at UA Museum of Art

    The Retablo of Ciudad Rodrigo at UA Museum of Art


    The Altarpiece of Ciudad Rodrigo is a jewel of the University of Arizona Museum of Art's collection and one of the most important works produced in 15th-century Spain. This altarpiece, also called a retablo, was made for the cathedral of the city (Ciudad) Rodrigo in the province of Salamanca, Spain, between the years 1480 and 1488, and after 1493. This exhibit is on permanent display, Tuesday-Sunday, at the University of Arizona Museum of Art.

  • Renaissance Prints From The Permanent Collection: A Selection

    Renaissance Prints From The Permanent Collection: A Selection


    This exhibition of works will be selected by students from Dr. Pia Cuneo’s Fall art history graduate seminar on early modern prints. Using actual objects created during the Renaissance, these students will have the special opportunity to conduct in-depth research in order to understand print production, social and gender norms, and many other topics of the early modern era.

  •  What is the color, when black is burned? The Gold War. Part 1.

    What is the color, when black is burned? The Gold War. Part 1.


    For the past ten years, Frohawk Two Feathers (the alias of artist Umar Rashid), has recounted the epic story of a composite and fictitious Frenglish Empire. Frengland and its characters are entirely of the artist’s imagination, but the storytelling critiques the very real and problematic history of recounting history. Through his use of Greco-Roman and Egyptian iconography, and references to tattoos and hip hop, Two Feathers encourages viewers to reflect on how certain events in history become truths, while others are relegated to the background or forgotten entirely. In What is the color, when black is burned? The Gold War. Part 1., the Frenglish Empire has come to Tucson where the narrative of Frengland will unfold against the backdrop of Southern Arizona’s local history. What will happen next?

  • Power: A Closer Look at Queens Throughout History

    Power: A Closer Look at Queens Throughout History


    In 2017, through a generous donation by Eunice and E.G. Hernandez and Family, the museum acquired a collection of 32 one-quarter-life-size Historical Figures made by artist George Stuart. Created between 1957 and 1958, these early works by Mr. Stuart include individuals who were the driving force that shaped human history, featuring the famous and infamous from ancient civilizations, European nobility, and political crusades. Three spotlight exhibits per year feature different selections from the collection through a variety of themes, at the Mini Time Museum of Miniatures.

  • The Resiliency of Hopi Agriculture: 2000 Years of Planting

    The Resiliency of Hopi Agriculture: 2000 Years of Planting


    Arizona State Museum presents this photographic exhibit--guest curated by Michael Kotutwa Johnson, Hopi farmer, photographer, and UA Ph.D. candidate in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment--which illustrates traditional Hopi farming practices, which are based on spiritual beliefs, community values, and ancient, time-tested techniques. Arizona State Museum is closed on Sundays and federal and state holidays.

  • Tom Philabaum Alchemy Show

    Tom Philabaum Alchemy Show


    Tom Philabaum's "Alchemy" show opening will offer an up- close look at his extraordinary fused glass paintings which do indeed capture the magical process of transformation, creation and combination. The award- winning glass artist transitions from the furnace to the easel where his creative talent shines through these inspired paintings.. Opening reception: October 6, 4 -6 p.m.  Philabaum Glass Gallery features the work of Tom Philabaum as well as dozens of other glass artists from across the country. The adjacent studio is the hotshop for Philabaum's work, as well as the studio where his employees make their own work on Saturdays. Gallery customers are invited to sit and watch the blowing on most days.

  • Luminous at Tucson Botanical Gardens

    Luminous at Tucson Botanical Gardens


    Tucson Botanical Gardens, in collaboration with internationally acclaimed sculptor Mykl Wells, is excited to bring you Luminous, an outdoor nocturnal art experience. Luminous is a series of illuminated sculptures based on the flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert. Each individually handmade lantern is built specifically for the Tucson Botanical Gardens to light up the night with wonder, curiosity and reverence for this place we call home. As an artist I drink deeply from the creative wellspring of the Sonoran Desert. A region so rich in life that it is second only to the Amazon rain forest in biodiversity. I hope you see in my work the respect and love I have for the plants and animals of this region. And also in their frail spirit like state that they should not be taken for granted and that you will be inspired to help preserve the natural splendor that we enjoy.

  • Tucson Roadrunners Ice Hockey: Tucson Home Games

    Tucson Roadrunners Ice Hockey: Tucson Home Games


    Watch the Tucson Roadrunners cross hockey sticks with competing teams at the Tucson Convention Center Arena in downtown Tucson. The Tucson Roadrunners are the American Hockey League affiliate of the Arizona Coyotes ice hockey team. During the 2018-19 season, home games take place on select weekdays, from October 6 through April 13. Consult the website for schedule information. 

  • Carnival of Illusion

    Carnival of Illusion

    Scottish Rite Grand Parlour
    160 S Scott Ave.
    Tucson, AZ 857011

    Carnival of Illusion is an evening of Old-World Magic in the style of classic entertainers such as Buster Keaton, Mae West, Gypsy Rose Lee, and Harry Houdini. The hosts have performed as house entertainers at the world's top resorts, Fortune 100 CEOs, to the 200 Most Powerful Women in America and operate the longest-running Arizona theater show. Carnival of Illusion is "Magic, Mystery, and OOOH La La."

  • Automata: Miniature Mechanized Narratives

    Automata: Miniature Mechanized Narratives


    Contemporary automata combines problem solving and mechanical ingenuity with imaginative storytelling to delight the eye and mind. The wind up of the crank builds the narrative, and then the release reveals the punchline of the story– which may be whimsical, clever, amusing or absurd. This exhibit, from the collection of metalsmith Michael Croft, includes over forty miniature machines created by twenty-three contemporary automata makers from around the world, at The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures.