Carnival Of Illusion - Magic, Mystery & Ooh La La
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It's a Vaudeville Inspired Magic Parlour Show!

Sarlot and Eyed of Carnival of Illusion posing with costumes in front of a steam locomotive train
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Cinematic Magic...

What is "Magic, Mystery & Oooh La La"?

Oh, we're so glad you asked... It's a UNIQUE Old-World Illusion Show perfect for anniversaries, date nights, birthdays, and special evenings! Thanks to our guests, Carnival of Illusion is the #1 Show on TripAdvisor and the longest-running theater show in Arizona history.

This 60-second film combines both the grand and the intimate nature of our shows. Go full screen for the epic Steven Spielberg experience. CHECK AVAILABILITY!

    • Image of reviewer Lisa H.

      I highly recommend for date night, family night, special celebrations, or even go by yourself.

      5 stars
    • Tiny photo of Carnival of Illusion reviewer Keir M.

      They have a great style and personality to their act that you won't find anywhere else.

      5 stars
    • Veronica E. reviewer image

      It was entertaining, something different, and new to do for a date night! Absolutely go to the show!

      5 stars
    • It was such a fun time! I had a smile plastered from ear to ear the entire evening.

      5 stars
    • I loved the audience participation. My dad was on stage and it cracked us up.

      5 stars
    • We attended this for our 4th anniversary, and we had the most amazing time.

      5 stars
    • There were lots of laughs and lots of magic. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

      5 stars
    • Saw this show in Tucson a few years ago and LOVED it! Roland and Susan are amazing!

      5 stars
    • Just saw this gorgeous show again after 5 years. It's somehow even BETTER than it was before!

      5 stars
    • This show was so entertaining and awesome, this is a must see for anyone in AZ who hasn't already seen it!

      5 stars
    • We had such a great time at the show!

      5 stars
    • Funny, entertaining, & magical! These two put on a great performance.

      5 stars
    • Roland and Susan are true professionals that always deliver jaw-dropping magic.

      5 stars
    • So much fun! Roland and Susan you were Amazing!.

      5 stars
    • So many mystifying tricks and illusions with fun, laughter and audience participation!

      5 stars
    • Masterful with the art of illusion yet far different than what one typically expects from a magician.

      5 stars
    • Not a single person left the room without a smile.

      5 stars
    • The show was amazing, very entertaining, and very interactive!

      5 stars
    • Roland's illusion skills are exceptional and Susan is the perfect partner to counterbalance him.

      5 stars
    • Splendid Show! A few of their illusions simply blew our minds!

      5 stars
    • Perfect evening! The show is very well done.

      5 stars
    • We loved the show! Some of the tricks really blew me away, I was audibly impressed!

      5 stars
    • Old world charm - a magical experience - highly recommended!

      5 stars
    • Great show, wonderful to be so close and things just "happen" that you can't explain.

      5 stars
    • Amazing show! Definitely worth seeing!

      5 stars
    • Roland and Susan were awesome! What an awe-inspiring show.

      5 stars
    • Roland and Susan are true aficionados—masters of their craft.

      5 stars
    • Highly recommended. Fun for the whole family.

      5 stars
    • The Carnival of Illusion show was a real experience! Highly recommended.

      5 stars
    • Definitely would recommend for all! Come and be amazed!

      5 stars
    • An amazingly enjoyable night of fun and magic.

      5 stars
    • What a great time to spend with family or friends.

      5 stars
    • Thank you Sarlot & Eyed for such amazing night. I will be back with my friends.

      5 stars
    • The performance was very engaging and exciting and they are both seasoned entertainers.

      5 stars
    • We absolutely loved the show!

      5 stars
    • Such a unique and spellbinding show!!

      5 stars

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Where Is Carnival Of Illusion?

  • Phoenix

    The beautiful Wrigley Mansion
    2501 E Telawa Trail, Phoenix AZ 85016
  • Tempe

    The impressive Tempe Center for the Arts
    700 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Temp, AZ 85281
  • Mesa

    The grand Mesa Arts Center
    1 East Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201
  • Tucson

    The landmark Scottish Rite Grand Parlour
    160 S. Scott, Tucson, AZ 85701

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How do I receive FREE invitations and discounts?
Join the 18,000+ others who signed up for our FREE VIP NEWSLETTER and receive occasional discounts, invitations, and funny behind-the-scene stories. Subscribers recently received FREE tickets to our performances at the World-Famous Magic Castle, an invitation only private club in Hollywood.
How long is the show?
The show is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes including a short 10 minute intermission.
Is this a dinner show?
No, however there are many restaurants within a short driving distance to all theaters.
Can I change my reservation?
Yes! Parties of six or less may exchange their tickets to another date with a minimum of seven days notice and a $10 per person fee. Call the box office at (480) 359-7469 to request an exchange. All sales are final. No refunds can be issued.
Why is there an 8-year-old age limit?
Recommended for mature 8+ years old. Although there is no "blue material", we cannot accommodate booster chairs, height issues, short attention spans, or boogie-man nightmares.
What is the cost of tickets?
Pricing depends on location and availability so click a location and time above. There is a per ticket service fee of $4.50 for Tucson, $5.00 for Phoenix, plus appropriate city and state taxes. (Sorry we can't make those disappear!) Tickets purchased in advance may cost less than shows nearly sold out. Pricing does not include beverages or meals but does include a souvenir playbill and hand-printed tickets as your entry to a magical evening!
How do I buy Gift Certificates?
GIFT CERTIFICATES for PHOENIX or TUCSON can be purchased for the person who has everything! BONUS: Gift certificates are not date specific allowing your guest to select the date AND location that works best for their schedule.
Do you offer group discounts?
Yes! We offer discounts for groups 10 or more for select shows. Remember to include family, friends, colleagues, and community groups. For more information on discounted group tickets CLICK HERE.
Is there a dress code?
Business casual or better. Please, NO flip flops, shorts, t-shirts or beach attire.
How much is parking?
The Wrigley Mansion has valet and self parking (with an uphill walk to the venue.) Tucson parking has dedicated free parking lots. Mesa has nearby parking on their surface lot, adjacent streets, and on several public parking lots within an easy two-block walk.
Is there wheelchair accessibility?
Carnival of Illusion provides all patrons access to our shows. For Mesa and Tempe shows, please call our office as we have reserved seating. For Phoenix and Tucson, please write a note at the end of your purchase so we can make accommodations. You can always call us, we're here to assist!
Is there hearing-impaired accessibility?
Four weeks notice are requested for an ASL interpreted performance.
Still have questions? Then talk to a real person at (480) 359-SHOW

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Old-World Magic

Tempting Teaser...

Imagine a vaudeville-inspired theater show with old-world magic, add a twinkling hint of 1900's Parisian humor, shake and stir for 100 minutes to fill your passport with FUN (and a bit of Skullduggery!) With a happy dose of audience participation, you are a VIP in this captivating Theater of Illusion.

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Scottsdale audience laughing as Roland performs a signature illusion
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MAGIC Behind the Magic!

Secrets in 60 Seconds

This quick clip shares (EXPOSES????) the never seen attention to detail that occurs even before the Carnival of Illusion entertainment even begins. We think you'll love the groovy music too, so... turn up the volume!

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Important Magic Events through the Ages
In the year...
  1. 200 ~ To aid healing, savant, physician, and tutor, Sammonicus, advocates the use of an amulet inscribed with "Abracadabra" which becomes the chicken soup for the Iron Age.
  2. playing cards 1000 ~ The Chinese invent playing cards. "Pick a card, any card" becomes grounds for divorce.
  3. tarot cards 1400 ~ Handpainted Tarot cards create a fury. Sadly, the all-powerful Magician card, with its the ability to bridge the gap between heaven and earth, forever takes a back seat to the cards of Fortune and Love.
  4. 1584 ~ Tattle-tale Reginald Scot publishes magic secrets in The Discoverie of Witchcraft, saving a few showoff prestidigitators from being burnt at the stake.
  5. 1610 ~ Bad boy playwright, Shakespeare, creates havoc with Protestant England and set-designers alike when featuring a conjuror as the main character in The Tempest.
  6. Mickey wizard 1797 ~ Goethe completes Sorcerer's Apprentice inspiring Mickey Mouse (143 years later) to sport a wizard's hat and robe for his comeback role in Fantasia.
  7. rabbit in a hat 1814 ~ The oldest/most tired/cheesiest magic cliche is born when wise-guy Louis Comte pulls a rabbit out of his hat.
  8. 1856 ~ Napoleon orders the father of modern magic, Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin, out of retirement to suppress a rebellion. The illusionist completes the task without a speck of dirt on his highly-starched cravat.
  9. handcuffs 1926 ~ After stealing his idol's name, Erik Weisz AKA Harry Houdini steals the hearts of his fans to become the greatest magician/escape artist. The "Handcuff King" fails to escape death on Halloween.
  10. Mandrake the Magician 1934 ~ The very first comic book superhero is born (in a tux). Mandrake the Magician was out saving the planet way before Batman, Spiderman or Superman put on tights.
  11. 1961 ~ The Magic Castle opens in Hollywood and invites the world's greatest magicians to perform. Roland Sarlot and Susan Eyed are not invited (they weren't yet born).
  12. magician in a top hat 1964 ~ DC Comics crime-fighting illusionist, Zatanna Zatara, casts her spells fighting the dark arts by reciting magical incantations backward (and often perplexing operators while ordering take-out.)
  13. 1969 ~ Without smoke, mirrors, or camera tricks, the first person walks on the moon.
  14. child magician 1970 ~ Roland and his cousin perform at their grammar school nearly cutting off classmate's finger. For an ovation, the Mini Magicians get sent to the principal's office.
  15. 1972 ~ Young Susan performs her first magic trick found inside a cereal box. Family not amazed; she finishes breakfast and like a pro, goes into early retirement.
  16. 1989 ~ Not keen on being violated by magicians walking through, the Berlin Wall opens. Unites not only Eastern and Western countries but the entire European magic community.
  17. 1996 ~ Magic happens when Sarlot & Eyed first meet: Roland shows Susan a card trick, she vanishes.
  18. Harry Potter 1997 ~ J.K Rowling publishes her first book in the Harry Potter series spawning world-wide magic wand shortage.
  19. dancer 2002 ~ With a handshake, the partnership of the century begins. Sarlot & Eyed combine the ancient arts of magic and dance to create Dance of Illusion.
  20. 2003 ~ At their first Arizona event, Susan escapes (barely) from a sword and spear-laden spinning basket; the audience at the private party is amazed and raucous (probably due to free alcohol.)
  21. top hat,
 cane and gloves 2004 ~ The road of trial and error continues with cross country performances at county fairs, festivals, retirement centers, Veterans hospitals, children's wards, schools, busking, etc... Humiliation keeps the duo humble, hungry, and honing their craft.
  22. magician 2005 ~ Roland's sleight of hand delights the rich and famous as house magician at Miraval, one of the top resorts in the world to magically rejuvenate. Seeds of Carnival of Illusion begin sprouting.
  23. 2008 ~ The (not so) "Great Recession" hits. As the economy tanks, Sarlot & Eyed hire their first employee. The office hunkers down & goes into overdrive to create an intimate parlour experience.
  24. trophy 2009 ~ Honored with the "Excellence in Magic" award in Colon, Michigan. Yes, Michigan has a Colon and it's the home of the oldest magic convention in the US.
  25. dog 2009 ~ The "Magic, Mystery and Oooh La La" of the Carnival of Illusion parlour opens its 30 seat boutique theater. Bearded-lady, Miss Harriette Houdini (their sometimes-trusty canine) makes her debut.
  26. 2010 ~ Invited the 1st time as "Featured Performers" to the "Mecca for Magicians" AKA the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.
  27. dice 2012 ~ Headline performance before 1,000+ attendees at the national convention of the Society of American Magicians in Las Vegas.
  28. bride and groom 2013 ~ Sick of hearing "get a room", Sarlot & Eyed plan their greatest and most daring magical endeavor. The marriage takes place on 1313, of course (January 3rd, 2013).
  29. 2016 ~ The longest-running Arizona theater show in history is Carnival of Illusion with weekly magical entertainment in one of their four 125+ seat boutique theaters!
  30. 1000th show 2020 ~ Carnival of Illusion surpasses 1,000th show milestone, hip hip HOORAY. After thousands of performances throughout the years, Sarlot & Eyed continue to keep the art of magic alive.
  31. TODAY ~ YOU become part of magic history. Our Genie predicts... "Your future is magical and filled with WONDERFUL DELIGHTS!"