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  • Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art

    Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
    1001 Bissonnet Street
    Houston, TX 77005
    Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art

    This major survey brings together more than 50 masterworks by one of the most iconic artists in the history of Western art. Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art follows Van Gogh (1853–1890) through four key stages of his career, from early sketches to final paintings.

    Few artists left behind as complete a diary of life and work as Van Gogh, whose decade-long career as an artist began when he took up painting in 1881. Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art highlights the artist’s early years in the Netherlands; his luminous period in Paris; his search for light and color in the South of France; and his exploration of nature as a source of enduring inspiration in Saint-Rémy and Auvers.

    The exhibition showcases portraits, landscapes, and still lifes drawn primarily from the collections of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, the Netherlands.

  • Cyberchase

    Children's Museum of Houston
    1500 Binz St
    Houston, TX 77004

    It is the classic tale of good vs. evil as the dastardly Hacker attempts to overtake Cyberspace. Yet, he’s continuously outsmarted by three curious kids and one cyberbird pal who are determined to stop him. Join forces with the CyberSquad: Matt, Inez, Jackie and Digit, in their quest to save Cyberspace as they zoom into Cyberchase – The Chase Is On!, an out-of-this-world, math adventure!

  • EcoStation

    Children's Museum of Houston
    1500 Binz St
    Houston, TX 77004

    EcoStation is an active, outdoor/indoor environmental exhibit where visitors engage in ecological studies and explore environmental issues by visiting a native plant garden, woodland area, pond and a research pavilion. Through these and several other areas, visitors can participate in diverse hands-on activities, such as stream bed creation, insect collecting, leaf rubbings, footprint identification and more!

    Visitors may also participate in weekly programming that includes activities such as nature journals, water quality testing, decomposition observations, soil type explorations, home environmental awareness inventory logs, bird feeders and many more activities that can be used in the exhibit areas or even taken home for further backyard experiences!

  • FlowWorks

    Children's Museum of Houston
    1500 Binz St,
    Houston, TX 77004

    Dive into the forces and properties of water through waves, vortices and rapids, exploring the fascinating concept of hydropower!

    FlowWorks is an interactive exhibit, which requires kids to “dip” their hands into it to make it work!

    An 18 feet tall Cauldron stands in the middle of it all! The more you play, the more it gets filled up with water. Once it’s full, water comes crashing down, making an unstoppable wave of fun and allowing other exhibit components to break their course!

  • Contemporary Focus: Mineko Grimmer

    The Menil Collection
    1533 Sul Ross St
    Houston, TX 77006
    Contemporary Focus: Mineko Grimmer

    Since the 1980s, the Japanese American artist Mineko Grimmer (b. 1949) has focused on issues of space, time, movement, and sound, creating what she refers to as “sound-producing kinetic sculptures.” She unites avant-garde approaches to acoustics in the tradition of John Cage and the conceptual principles of American Minimalism, seamlessly merging her training in Eastern and Western art practices to produce deeply meditative and sensorial works.

    Remembering Plato is a room-sized installation. Pyramid-shaped blocks of ice embedded with small pebbles are suspended above two water-filled basins. As the ice melts, the pebbles fall, striking the brass rods and piano wires extended over each basin, thus producing a randomized musical performance. The resulting ripples in the water are reflected on the dark gallery walls. The pebbles are strategically positioned within the ice to create a crescendo, rendering audible the speed of a typically silent natural process.

    The title of the work refers to the Allegory of the Cave from Plato’s Republic, in which the philosopher Socrates posits that shadows cast on the wall of a cave are dim perceptions of reality.

  • KLUTZ® Amazingly Immature

    Children's Museum of Houston
    1500 Binz St
    Houston, TX 77004
    KLUTZ® Amazingly Immature

    Immaturity is NOT a four-letter word – literally and metaphorically. In fact, the Children’s Museum of Houston is out to prove that immaturity and genius go hand in hand with KLUTZ® Amazingly Immature on February 2, 2019. Based on KLUTZ® Encyclopedia of Immaturity Vol. 1 and 2, the KLUTZ® Amazingly Immature exhibit will offer you the opportunity to embrace your inner zany genius, while exploring what these behaviors can teach you about science, engineering, math, and literacy. Produced by the Children’s Museum of Houston in partnership with KLUTZ®, KLUTZ® Amazingly Immature returns to Houston for the first time in four years!

  • Matter Factory

    Children's Museum of Houston
    1500 Binz St
    Houston, TX 77004
    Matter Factory

    Step into a whimsical factory and stare straight into the future! The Children's Museum of Houston's Matter Factory offers a glimpse into the concepts of materials science, including properties of matter and potential uses for different substances and smart materials.

    With 1,350 square feet of exhibit space, explore how matter matters in our daily lives. Experiment with different properties of matter, test and sort materials based on their properties, and examine unique properties of emerging materials recently developed by scientists.

  • Tot*Spot

    Children's Museum of Houston
    1500 Binz St
    Houston, TX 77004

    Mirrors are used in several of the defined spaces to add to the child’s learning whether they are on their tummies gazing at themselves in the mirror in a padded area as they play or dancing with scarves in the amphitheater.

    The Ball and Pillow Pit is a spot for children and their parents to explore the realm of physical knowledge by rolling, kicking and tossing a variety of balls.

    Walking up carefully sized steps and over rippling bumps keeps many a toddler spell-bound on the Meandering Path. Parents walk along side playing peek-a-boo or conversing with their child as he travels the well-worn path learning to maneuver around other tots.

    With knobs, switches and door bells to push and turn throughout the exhibit, tots have the opportunity to experience cause and effect their actions.

  • Archaeology Now Presents: On the Trail

    Houston Museum of Natural Science
    5555 Hermann Park Drive
    Houston, TX 77030
    Archaeology Now Presents: On the Trail

    Calling all little cowboys and cowgirls! Join Archaeology Now, the Archaeological Institute of America – Houston Society, SABIC and the Houston Museum of Natural Science for “On the Trail” just in time for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Discover the story behind the rodeo by exploring horse cultures around the world. Learn how a beloved American tradition has roots in Bedouin and Native American cultures. Things to do for children and their families include:

    • Mock excavations

    • Blacksmithing demonstrations

    • Science activities

    • Crafts

    • Horse demonstrations

    • Tours of a Bedouin tent, Tipi and Covered wagon

  • William Forsythe: Choreographic Objects

    Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
    1001 Bissonnet
    Houston, TX 77005
    William Forsythe: Choreographic Objects

    This summer, the MFAH invites visitors to engage with the fundamental ideas of dance, weight, and movement in time. The immersive exhibition William Forsythe: Choreographic Objects blurs the lines between performance, sculpture, and installation.

    American dancer and choreographer William Forsythe is known for his groundbreaking combination of choreography, staging, lighting, and dance analysis. The artist (born 1949) has changed the landscape of contemporary dance with his focus on how the human body moves through space.

  • Dissection Days on Free Family Thursdays

    The Health Museum
    1515 Hermann Drive
    Houston, TX 77004
    Dissection Days on Free Family Thursdays

    Have you ever wanted to be a surgeon for a day? Or, wonder what it’s like to hold a heart in your hand? Hands-on dissections take place every Free Family Thursday at 3 p.m. at The Health Museum in the Houston Museum District. Curious about what's going on inside your body? Explore the anatomy of your body and its organ functions with an assortment of exciting activities and live demonstrations for all ages. The Health Museum invites the whole family to come in and get involved with its Dissection Days on Free Family Thursdays! Parents and children will learn together about the anatomy and physiology of a variety of animal organs from a cow’s eyeball to a sheep’s brain. Visitors will engage and learn about the internal and external structures of different organs such as the liver, brain, and the heart. This learning journey will also demonstrate the body’s different systems: cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, immune, and how tissues and organs are interrelated. Come explore the interactive lab and learn literally from the inside out!

  • Steak Night at The Maple Leaf

    Maple Leaf Pub
    514 Elgin St.
    Houston, TX 77006
    Steak Night at The Maple Leaf

    Thursday night means Steak Night at The Maple Leaf Pub. Not only will you be able to sink your teeth into some of the best steak of your life, you'll be able to play along with Geeks Who Drink Pub Quizzes. Put your team together and come out! 

    The meal includes a gorgeous, 14-16oz upper top choice ribeye that comes with a baked potato for $16. Add a side of delicious seasoned and grilled asparagus for $2. 

    While you wait, you can take on your friends in darts, air hockey or bubble hockey. 

  • Thursday Wine and Music

    Rosinka Wine and Tea House
    2509 Rice Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77005
    Thursday Wine and Music

    Join us for a relaxing evening - good music, good wine, and good people. Our talented musicians, Jabari and Ashdin, are playing blues and jazz for you. Rosinka is offering happy hour wines and food.

  • Parkour

    Discovery Green
    1500 McKinney Street
    Houston, TX 77010

    Experienced, certified coaches from Urban Movement utilize a unique, deconstructed approach to teach running, jumping, climbing, crawling, balancing, vaulting, and fluidly moving through any environment. This is a beginner class that meets on the Sarofim Picnic Lawn.

  • Live Music at the original Ginger Man

    The Ginger Man
    5607 Morningside
    Houston, TX 77005
    Live Music at the original Ginger Man

    Sip on our widespread selection of beers while listening to live music in our back beer garden every Thursday from 7:00 to 10:00! Each week we rotate acoustic dreamboat Scott Morrison with newcomers with different styles and flavors. Whether you like acoustic covers of pop songs or original ballads, both artists got you covered.

  • The Three Musketeers

    Alley Theater, 615 Texas Ave
    Houston, TX 77002
    The Three Musketeers

    The swashbuckling classic!

    Young d'Artagnan is determined to be a Musketeer. The only problem is, girls aren't allowed. Or are they?

    Written in 1844 and adapted for the stage by Ivan Wilkinson, The Three Musketeers is set in Paris, France in the year 1626. Crime is rife, and the King's Musketeers are the most glamorous law enforcers and are known throughout the whole of France.

    D'Artagnan is a young girl who has grown up listening to the heroic stories of the Musketeers and, desperate to join them, disguises herself as a man and heads to Paris. She manages to befriend the King's three most favorite Musketeers, Athos, Aramis and Porthos, but before long, danger strikes and it comes in the form of evil Cardinal Richelieu and his wily sidekick? Milady de Winter, who have discovered that the Queen is having an affair with the Duke of Buckingham. and the four friends find themselves uncovering a deadly plot that could put the Queen and the whole of France in peril.

    Does this mean war with England? And will our heroes and heroine triumph? Get your tickets now to watch the plot, and all its duels and adventure unfold.

  • Murder for Two

    Stages Repertory Theatre
    3201 Allen Pkwy
    Houston, TX 77019
    Murder for Two

    The hit show that is selling out across the country is now coming to Houston! Everyone is a suspect in Murder for Two, a hilarious murder mystery with a twist. One actor plays the investigator, the other plays all 13 suspects, and both play the piano throughout! A zany blend of classic musical comedy and madcap mystery, this whodunit is a highly theatrical duet loaded with killer laughs.

  • Invention Convention

    Children's Museum of Houston
    1500 Binz St
    Houston, TX 77004
    Invention Convention

    Step into a workshop of gadgets and gizmos where kids create, concoct and construct contraptions and use their imagination to become inventors!
    Dream-up and design in a workshop filled with half-finished contraptions, bins of spare parts, project tables, schematics and various instruments from floor to ceiling.

    Experiment with LEGO® bricks, propellers, magnets, batteries, switches and buzzers through facilitated, hands-on experiments and mini-workshops.

  • Pride and Joy - The Marvin Gaye Musical

    Wortham Center, 500 Texas Ave,
    Houston, TX 77002
    Pride and Joy - The Marvin Gaye Musical

    Experience the rollercoaster story of Motown legend Marvin Gaye's life and love with Anna Gordy Gaye, the lady boss record executive, businesswoman, composer and songwriter who stole his heart. Brought together by music, their tale is now immortalized and told through by classic Gaye songs like 'Heard It Through The Grapevine', 'What's Going On', 'Inner City Blues' and 'Let's Get It On' in a brand new touring production of 'Pride & Joy - The Marvin Gaye Musical'. 

    Set against the backdrop of the rise of Motown records, the musical is narrated by the couple themselves as they take audiences on a journey through their courtship. The sister of Motown founder Berry Gordy, Anna rose through the ranks to form her own label. An artist signed to her brother's legendary record company, Marvin fell deeply in love with the then 37-year old Anna and because of their 17 year age gap their love was forbidden. Despite protests from friends and family, they married in 1963 and their marriage, however tumultuous, proved the inspiration for many a song.

  • PowerPlay

    Children's Museum of Houston
    1500 Binz St
    Houston, TX 77004

    Discover how your body reacts to a variety of physical challenges in PowerPlay! 
    This monumental, three-story installation lets you leap up and down different levels as you discover new ways to get active! Take it to the next level tracking your heart rate and strength, rating your experience, and comparing your performance like a real fitness athlete!


  • Sonic Playground

    Discovery Green
    1500 McKinney St
    Houston, TX 77010
    Sonic Playground

    Sonic Playground: Yuri Suzuki aims to surprise and delight visitors to Discovery Green’s temporary playground on the Sarofim Picnic Lawn. Consisting of several objects that twist, modify, and transmit sound in unusual and playful ways, Sonic Playground allows for serendipitous audible experiences with other visitors to create a sense of community and play.

    Sonic Playground was created by Yuri Suzuki (Japanese, born 1980), a sound artist, designer, and electronic musician whose work blurs the borders between design, technology, and sound. He established Yuri Suzuki Design Studio, based in London, in 2013. Sonic Playground: Yuri Suzuki is organized by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta.