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What are the BEST Magic Shows (in Houston) for 2024?

Magician with skull in Houston Texas

Houston has had its fair share of magic big and small over the years, including Curt Miller, the Magic Island, and Magic & Comedy For All Ages. If you were around in the 80s you might remember the Magic Island with its prominent Pharoah's head over the doorway and lavish Egyptian themed interior.

We're here to help you will find all that is magic in Houston, whether it be the weekly shows or the touring specials coming through town. Looking for even more magic? You've come to the right place for the list of the Best Magic Shows in Texas.

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The History of Houston Texas Magic

Houston's magic history with the Magic Island, Hollingsworth, and Kornegay
From left to right: The Magic Island, Scott Hollingsworth, Douglas Kornegay

Thinking of Houston, Texas doesn't really conjure up images of magic. This large and sprawling city, a short drive from Galveston Bay, seems more fit for business, homes and modern life. Houston, however, has always had a little magic.

The early days of Houston saw the land as swampy, grassy, and filled with swamp-and-grass-loving creatures. However, the native people of the area thrived here. Tribes like the Karankawas frequented the area for fish, game and medicinal plants. The early Spanish Conquistadors were perplexed by these native groups and their rituals, chalking it all up to magical beliefs. In the 1800s, word spread that Houston was the place to be for early settlers itching to get some land. With some "creative advertising" by John and Augustus Allen, Houston became the happening hot-spot for those looking to start a new life.

Houston grew quickly into a new city, complete with drunkenness, prostitution, and gun-fights galore. You know, good ol' values. Magic made its way in as it did in many cities at the time - on the back of less than honest magicians. Inebriated men and their hard-earned cash were soon parted by "amazing" sleight of hand and the sticky fingers of pick-pockets. Thankfully, as the town grew, and with the discovery of oil... lots of oil... the reputation improved dramatically. With a growing population and a booming seaport, residents and travelers sought out entertainment and the early magic shows became a hit. Fast forward to 1983, business and oil are booming, and something truly amazing happened. A forward-thinking businessman, Robert Albo, bought the idea of a private nightclub/entertainment nightclub/entertainment magic show venue from a California movie producer and moved it to Houston. The spacious building had a large Pharaoh's head above the front entrance along with a sign that read, "Magic Island."

Magic Island gave private visitors a night of luxury and sophistication with amazing magic shows to match. The multiple rooms and stages hosted various magical acts from great illusions to sleight of hand, to the standard pull-the-rabbit-from-the-hat tricks. This was the height of magic in Houston. As popularity waned, Magic Island changed from the swanky private nightclub/magic theater to a more dressed-down family venue. The acts moved quicker, and the prices dropped which moved Magic Island into dangerous waters of financial instability. On September 12, 2008, Magic Island closed its doors for the last time. Hurricane Ike pounded the once grand establishment and left it burned and ruined. The doors were closed permanently, or so most thought.

New life for the Island has been rumored, as work on restoring it to its former glory has begun. The current owner, a local neurologist with a penchant for magic, wishes to see it become one of Houston's favorite evening hot spots again. Time will tell.

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