Carnival Of Illusion - Magic, Mystery & Ooh La La

EXTRA, EXTRA... Two High-Flying News Events!!!!

Playing tennis on the wings of an aeroplane

Since there are no seats left in our aeroplane... Carnival of Illusion has pre-released the first wave of seats for our next season of shows in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe and Tucson. Since you signed up for our lucky newsletter, you are the FIRST to know. For being so special, please use Gift Code "SIGN UP ON OUR NEWSLETTER" until August 1st. So, don't tell just your "besties", give a shout out to ALL your friends and family (100 friends = $500!) Let's have a party in the parlour! CLICK HERE to get your early-bird ticket special and the best seats in the house.

You're French postcard has arrived!

NEW "Home Sweet TUCSON Home" We have moved to a wonderful mid-town location at the Historic Lodge on the Desert! Stay tuned for updates and offers for Carnival of Illusion guests including overnight rooms, magic-themed drinks, and delightful dinners. Hip Hip HOORAY!

Have a wonderful summer and happy travels!
-Susan and Roland

We thank YOU!