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What are the Best Magic Shows (in Los Angeles) for 2024?

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Welcome to Magic City central! LA has an exciting history of great shows that are completely different than the rest of the country and you're in luck. This is THE LIST of the most popular and Best Magic Shows Los Angeles has to offer. They range from the small quirky theater to the intimate and up-close, the beautiful Edwardian style, and the huge theater productions touring the world. Forget Sunset Strip and Pink's hot dogs downtown. Catch one of many shows in LA, and it may just be the most amazing magic show you will ever see! It's LA, you're here, and you're in luck.

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Los Angeles: City of Illusion with a History of Magic

Los Angeles has a fascinating and sometimes sordid magical history
From left to right: Geri Larsen, The Magic Castle, Bill Larsen Sr.

Here's a brief history of magic and magicians in Los Angeles, a metropolis which stretches from the Angeles National Forrest to the Pacific Ocean. A large, sprawling city with close to four million people within 503 square miles, Los Angeles is ranked as one of the biggest cities in the United States. However big Los Angeles is today, it wasn't always so large, and yet it always has appreciated and promoted magic and magicians alike.

As Los Angeles traded hands from natives to the Spanish to the Mexicans and finally the United States, a dusty city was born and started to grow. Later, with cheap and plentiful land and the birth of motion pictures, entertainment companies soon popped up around Los Angeles, making the City of Angels the land of movies. But film entertainment wasn't the only industry growing in the Golden State. As actors and actresses sought entertainment, clubs and shows became popular. Magic shows in LA also became a popular entertainment choice.

To investigate the history of magic in Los Angeles one need look no further than the Larsen family. This family of illusionists started Genii magazine in 1936, which is the longest running magic magazine. But that wasn't all the Larsen family did. The most influential aspect of Los Angeles and magic was the creation of The Magic Castle. Brothers Bill and Milt Larsen bought a derelict, Gothic style mansion and transformed it into the premier magic club that it is today. Bill and Milt's parents were considered pioneers in the field of magic and had always had the dream of starting an exclusive club just for magic, magicians and magic enthusiasts. With the purchase of the mansion, their sons made that happen.

Once completed, The Magic Castle became the magic hot spot. With members-only criteria, some great magicians were attracted along with Hollywood's big names. It wasn't uncommon to see stars and starlets frequenting the establishment, taking in a show and having a drink. Today The Magic Castle is still a popular hang-out for the Hollywood elite.

The Magic Castle also spotlighted the talents of Geraldine Larsen, a magician in her own right. In a day when women in magic were only the assistants, Geraldine not only soloed as a performer but was also the first woman to perform magic on TV. The Magic Castle became the official clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts, and a membership is still required to get in the door if you aren't lucky enough to be the guest of a member.

While Los Angeles has historically been the birthplace of the modern entertainment industry, so too has it been the mecca for all things magic. This website lists our favorite things to do in LA that are centered around magic and magic shows Los Angeles.

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