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Top 10 Most Famous Magicians in the World Today

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These aren't your mama's magicians - oh no - the folks on this list are the BEST OF THE BEST, or at least the most famous anyway. Although these magic dudes are our picks for the most famous magicians out there, if you haven't heard of one yet, you can go ahead and thank us now because you're in for A REAL TREAT. From living legends to popular up-and-comers, these are the magicians who have shaped magic today and done it with style.

Here they are, the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the most famous (and also richest but who's counting?) magicians in the world today. They've inspired a generation of new magicians to pick up their first deck of cards and pull their first coin out of their dad's ear. They've shaped and reshaped the face of magic. After lifetimes of dazzling viewers worldwide, they've certainly dazzled us too! Who were you thinking would be on this list... Cyril Takayama, Sorcar, Uri Geller, Paul Daniels, the Illusionists, Kreskin, Lance Burton, Mark Wilson, Fu Manchu, Richiardi Jr? We would love to hear who would be on your top ten list of the most famous magicians in the world. Write us!