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TOP 10 BEST Magic Card Tricks Ever

Card tricks were once described by the great magician Hofzinser as the "poetry of magic". Yes, they can also be horrible with your kid brother asking you to count 7 cards three times but they can also be sublime, that's the breadth of card poetry. This list of the best magic card tricks ever highlighting 10 of what we believe are the greatest classics of the genre. Enjoy...

There are a plethora of wonderful magic card tricks and this list contains our favorites. If you would like to learn more card trick magic, we recommend you grab yourself a copy of Joshua Jay's extensive modern card magic. It's an excellent resource to not only learn the basics but advanced methods as well. If you're looking for something way advanced for your card magic, we suggest the Card College 5 volume set by Roberto Giobbi. It is an amazing achievement of everything you wanted to know about card tricks but were afraid to ask. We wish you much success and enjoyment in the wonderful world of magic card tricks!