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BEST Card Magic Tricks Ever... REALLY!

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ALSO: BEST Card Magicians!
ALSO: EASY Card Tricks

magician performing card magic tricks with white dove flying in background

Card magic tricks were once described by the great card magician Johann Hofzinser as the "poetry of magic". Yes, they can be horrible with your kid brother asking you to count seven cards in three piles but they can also be sublime. That's the breadth of card magic poetry. Check out the two above links if you're looking to learn a few easy ones or want to see what great card magicians can do in their hands. The following list highlights ten (and a few honorable mentions) of what we believe are the greatest and most amazing classics of the genre. Enjoy...

by Roland Sarlot

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Honorable Mention

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Top 10 Best Card Tricks Ever

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There are a plethora of amazing card magic tricks and this list contains ten of our favorite classics. If you would like to experience the larger side of magical effects, check out the Best Magic Tricks of all time.