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After performing thousands of magic shows as well as much international travel performing and watching illusion shows and magic contests around the world, we are quite knowledgeable about performing magic and magical history. Nonetheless, we wanted to give you a magic historian's perspective of The Greatest Magicians of All Time. If you want to see the the MOST FAMOUS MAGICIANS, click here. (Famous and best aren't always the same thing!) So we asked a friend, author, and Ph.D. to share his perspective. Will's UCSD dissertation is on the impact of new technologies on magic during the Belle Epoque in France and is a specialist in magic and theater history. Read on...

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by Dr. Will Given
University of California, San Diego

It takes quite a bit to make it onto The Top 10 Magicians of All Time list. Here you will find those individuals who have helped shape the field of magic. Some of these magicians have elevated the art form to new levels. Some are innovators. Some are famous. Others were masters of self-promotion. The fact is though, without any of these performers, magic would have taken a much different trajectory. Here is my list of The Top 10 Magicians of All Time:

Honorable Mention

TOP 10 GREATEST Magicians of All Time

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How did we do? Did your favorite magician make the list? There are so many amazing performers who make magic such a rich and vibrant art. What about Chung Ling Soo? Penn & Teller? Blackstone? Tommy Wonder? Write to us. We would love to hear who would be on your top ten list of best magicians ever!