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What are the BEST Magic Shows (in Las Vegas) for 2024?

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Magician with crystal ball in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to great magicians including Shin Lim, Penn and Teller, Piff the Magic Dragon, and David Copperfield BUT who has the best magic shows in Las Vegas? Well, the longest-running headliners in Vegas are the magical duo Penn and Teller, but if you want to know who makes the most money, that might be David Copperfield. For comedy, value, and a family-friendly time you can't beat Mac King. And if card magic is your thing, then Shin Lim not only won America's Got Talent but also American's Got Talent: The Champions!

Since you're looking for the best magic shows in Vegas today, we have the complete list for you! Check out the small intimate shows to the grand theatre productions and special performances you will ONLY find here in Sin City. So forget the comedians and the crooners and catch the Top Las Vegas Magic Shows. Vegas really does have some of the world's best!

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The Las Vegas Magic Shows History

Famous magicians in Las Vegas were Lance Burton, Siegfried and Roy, and David Copperfield
From left to right: David Copperfield, Lance Burton Poster, Siegfried and Roy

Not only did people make a home in the middle of the desert, they made a sprawling city filled with lights, entertainment, hotels, world-class dining, shopping and let's not forget... magic. The desert doesn't seem to be a place where people would want to live. The lack of water, intense heat and barren conditions are like a giant billboard that says, "go away." The fact that people can eke out a living in these hostile conditions is a magic act all its own.

Las Vegas started out as a watering stop between Los Angeles and the rest of the desert. The completion of the railroad and the building of the Hoover Dam was a turning point for the dry and dusty city. Men attracted to the promise of work made their way to the Hoover Dam project and made their way into Las Vegas. Cheap electricity, crowds looking for entertainment, and urbanization built up the city until Las Vegas became the entertainment and gambling capital of the US.

Magic found it's way into Las Vegas and started to grow as well. The first magic shows in Vegas were sleight of hand acts. Top hats that magically filled with white rabbits, interesting card tricks, and the ubiquitous sawing the attractive assistant in half were standard parts of the first magic shows. As people continued pouring into Vegas looking for entertainment between table games, expectations grew for more daring shows and never before seen tricks.

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During the '80s and '90s magic became a major entertainment draw in Las Vegas. David Copperfield with his flair for theatrics was a major crowd-pleaser. His new brand of magic was one part fabulous spectacle and two parts amazing illusion. Audiences were stunned and wanted more.

Siegfried and Roy took the same approach of spectacle and illusion but added one new element—tigers. While most magicians were still getting by with rabbits and birds, Siegfried and Roy weren't just performing amazing acts of illusions, they had a team of well-trained tigers as key parts of their show. The crowds were thrilled and just kept coming.

While the spectacle of the '80s and '90s has faded, magic hasn't died out in Vegas. But what is considered as the best magic tricks has changed and now the magicians of today focus on perception, drawing in crowds with a throwback street magic feel. Modern magicians have migrated away from the usual magic shows and focused on illusion and warped perception, shocking audiences, and of course adding comedy. Lots of comedy.

Whether in Las Vegas to win big or hit a few nightclubs, take a moment to find a great magic show. There is a rich history that just begs to be discovered. This page lists all the best Las Vegas magic shows, enjoy!

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