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Best Magic TV Shows Ever

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ALSO: BEST Magic Movies!
ALSO: Most FAMOUS Magicians

doug henning magic show

WOW! This brings back magic memories. Here is our list of the Top Magic TV Shows but this isn't just any list voted on by the uninformed. This list is compiled by a UCSD Ph.D. specializing in magic history. He really knows his magic, theater, and alternative medias so grab your favorite beverage, kick out the leg rest on your Lazy Boy, crank up your speakers, and let's get started...

The Top Magic TV Shows

by Dr. Will Given
University of California, San Diego

Trying to narrow down performances of magic on TV is a Herculean task. At first glance, it may seem that there just aren't enough shows to fill this list. Once you start digging though, you will find some incredible, as well as some not so stellar, magical performances on the small screen (as compared to big screen movies on magic). The criteria to be on this list is simple: the performance needs to be one that pushed magic in a new direction, helped shape the field of magic, or tried to envision TV magic in a completely new way. There are specials featuring real magicians and fictional shows depicting television writers' interpretations of magicians. Sit back, put down the remote, and join us for some channel surfing of magic through the years.

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What are your thoughts? Do you think there needs to be more magic on TV? Has YouTube taken away the effectiveness of magic on the small screen? Would you be someone who would love to see another The Magic of David Copperfield special? Or do you think Barry and Stuart should have been on this list? What about the Masked Magician in Breaking the Magician's Code? Let us know!