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Best Card Magicians Ever

Rating the greatest card magicians of all time is a very difficult task. Of course, we all have different tastes and preferences but we hope this list exposes you to new performers that you may not have heard of. Or you can write us and offer your suggestions, we are more than happy to improve this list based on your input. However, our criteria for this list is for magical card entertainers, we're not looking at influencers, scholars, mechanics, historians, or other branches of card magicians. This is our list of the best magicians to entertain with a deck of playing cards. Read on...

The 10 Greatest Card Magicians of All Time

Magic with playing cards is as old as playing cards have been around. However, a bit more than 100 years ago, this branch of magic began to grow with two significant events: Hofzinser performing around 1850 and S.W. Erdnase's book in 1902. From that time until today, it's exploded. Here are the most influential card magicians and their approximate decades of influence.
The Hofzinser Era (00s-20s), The Annemann Era (20s-40s), The Hugard Era (40s-50s), The Vernon Era (60s), The Marlo Era (70s), The Jennings Era (80s-90s), The Tamariz Era (90s-00s), The Paul Harris Era (00s-10s), The Internet Era (10s to 20s).
Looking back over this history, this is our list of the most entertaining card magicians. Crank up your video volume and enjoy these masters....

Honorable Mentions

How did we do? Did your favorite magician make the list? There are so many amazing card performers who make magic such a rich and vibrant art that didn't make our list. Should we have included Max Malini, Allan Ackerman, Dai Vernon, Michael Close, Derek Dingle, Larry Jennings, S.W. Erdnase, John Scarne, Eddie Fechter, Arturo Ascanio, Luis Piedrahita? We would love to hear who would be on your top ten list of best card magicians ever!