Carnival Of Illusion - Magic, Mystery & Ooh La La
Top of the morning to you Carnival Friend!

Everyone knows March is the luckiest month of the year. Just like the four leaf clover, we too have FOUR REASONS for feeling so lucky.

REASON #4 We feel lucky to have such wonderful business partners at our three locations. Big cheers to the beautiful Arizona Biltmore Resort (the Waldorf-Astoria property in Phoenix), the historic and lovely ASU Kerr Cultural Center in Scottsdale, and a hip hip hooray to the Tucson Doubletree Hotel where it all started five years ago. May the gentle rains from the heavenly clouds keep your flowers ever in bloom.

REASON #3 We feel lucky for the many people in our community who guide us including our university scientists who design and build our props, our performing arts confidants who share their years of expertise with the business behind the arts, as well as the knowledgeable young-at-heart old-timers of magic who guide us through the years of hard knocks. May the Leprechauns of Limerick keep your heart happy and bright.

REASON #2 We feel lucky for our tireless staff who are truly the magic behind the magic. Thanks to our set-up crew who transforms an ordinary room into a marvelous vaudeville-inspired experience, our office staff always helpful with a smile behind every phone call, our group sales team customizing every corporate event to make each and every one perfect for our clients, and on show nights our Parlour Attendants who provide customer service with a warm and caring spirit to our guests. May the blessings from the Blarney guide you on your true path of happiness.

And the #1 REASON we’re lucky is...... YOU! You are the reason we can share our passion through these ancient arts. Thank you for attending our shows year after year and sharing your experience with stellar reviews. Thank you for celebrating your special events with loved ones and for referring your friends time after time. You have enabled us to sprinkle the spirit of magic far and wide for five years and next month we celebrate our 225th SOLD OUT show in a row! May the magical rainbows of mystery and adventure fill you with childlike wonder forevermore.

Thank YOU Carnival Friend for filling our lives with magic. In our opinion, our luck is way better than a pot of gold!
~Roland and Susan

Kissing the Blarney Stone in 1897
Kissing the Blarney in 1897