Carnival Of Illusion - Magic, Mystery & Ooh La La

Ooh la la, Carnival Friend. Read on for fun updates and a chance to score a pair of show tickets.

LIGHTS, CAMERA... ACTION! Roland presented a little teaser for the Greater Phoenix/Scottsdale TV viewing audience. The press came out to celebrate our 225th Consecutive Sold-Out Show.

Phoenix Magic on Live Television

WELL THAT'S A FIRST Recently, a few repeat travelers from Kansas returned to our parlour and two went home, engaged! We were thrilled to help mastermind this wedding proposal which occurred during the show. Our crystal ball foresees a happy couple, a magical life, and lots of Ooh La La... Congratulations Victoria and Colton!

Magical Wedding Proposal in Phoenix

Lots of near and far magical happenings slated for this summer including a few conventions, some corporate shows, as well as a stop in Budapest for a little reconnecting with Roland's paternal heritage. We'll keep you updated with any vampire sitings. Aah, poor Ms Houdini has to stay home and "bone-up" on her magic routines.

LAST CHANCE... Our fifth season is ending very soon. CLICK HERE to see one of our final shows of the season, you never know what might happen!

Wishing you the magic of love, travel, and air conditioning this summertime.
Cheers, Susan and Roland