Carnival Of Illusion - Magic, Mystery & Ooh La La

Dear Carnival Friend,

ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN DEGREES AND COUNTING! Greetings from the hot and steamy part of the country. After a successful 75 show run, we closed the doors to our parlour at the end of May. Thank you to all of our guests. We're now sequestered back at headquarters to take in a little air conditioning and prepare for our next round of adventure. So pour yourself a tall glass of ice cold lemonade and we’ll bring you up to date since the last newsletter.

ESCAPE FROM PRISON! Harriette (the bearded-lady) Houdini was rescued from the Humane Society in March. After four months of love and effort, she finally started wagging her tail and learned how to play. She is mastering tricks and can rollover on command. Harriette has been a delight in every way... except for the hip purple shag rug in the office, which she obviously has a distaste (or a taste!) Who knows, perhaps you'll see her stealing the show one day.

HOLLYWOOD MAGIC! We had the pleasure to perform at one of the most prestigious venues of magic. The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle is an institution and a huge playground for magical entertainers. What a thrill! By chance, a journalist caught one of our performances and later flew out to Tucson to experience our full parlor show and get the scoop. We'll let you know when the article comes out. We'd like to send our gratitude to Jack, Dove, and the Castle Crew.

"MAJOR" AWARD This year we were awarded the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy Commandant's Coin of Excellence. This mark of distinction is presented to enlisted service members as well as civilians for professionalism, outstanding performance, and excellence in service. Here's Command Sergeant Major Bill Ogletree (Retired) who presented us with the honor. Thank you Bill for YOUR magic!

We wish you fun, safe and cool summertime escapades!
-Susan, Roland and Brooke

… Just one more snap from our Castle adventure.