Carnival Of Illusion - Magic, Mystery & Ooh La La

Sarlot & Eyed Biography

According to family history, Roland Sarlot's Transylvanian grandmother could read fortunes and go into trances. Roland himself first sent a girl into a hypnotic trance at a party when he was in the 8th grade. He had just read a book on hypnotism and decided to see if he had the talent for it. He did -- but the girl’s deep trance scared him so much that he threw away the book! Roland grew up in Los Angeles close to the world famous Magic Castle, a private club for magicians, where he saw acts of legendary magicians such as Dai Vernon and Doug Henning. When Roland was still in elementary school, his grandmother was sewing costumes for his performances in the Los Angeles public schools and other local venues.

After studying math and physics in graduate school, Roland moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he designed astronomical instruments such as cutting-edge spectrographs and the world's largest telescopes. But eventually Roland returned to his early love, he decided to practice magic full-time. He became the "house magician" for the popular resorts Canyon Ranch and Miraval, performing regularly for the spa guests as well as for special groups such as "the 200 most powerful women in America". He also brought his close-up magic to children in the cancer wards at hospitals throughout Arizona.

Susan grew up in the Midwest and always longed to be elsewhere. She was intrigued by Jacques Cousteau, the silent screen, and her mother's art books. She received a degree in International Studies and eventually traveled around the world and was profoundly influenced by the cultures and arts of such countries as Morocco, India, Turkey, Japan and Senegal. In 1992 she began her studies in Middle Eastern dance and performed at Arabian night clubs in Detroit and Windsor, Canada. In 2000 she made a permanent move to Arizona, and started her own dance company, Hadia Sahara, or "Gift of the Desert." Susan was the choreographer from 2001 to 2007, during which time the company won awards in several national competitions.

In 2002, the astronomical optics designer Roland teamed up with artist and dancer Susan to create Dance of Illusion a large stage show which combined the ancient arts of magic and dance and based on their experiences traveling the world. When Sarlot and Eyed first decided to join forces, Susan thought she'd be a traditional magician's assistant, the woman who gets sawed in half and holds up props for the magician. But that didn't happen, instead, she studied, practiced and became one of the few female magicians in the world. From the beginning, Sarlot and Eyed developed an act that built on all their talents. Susan now combines her dancing with her own magic acts, which include the use of silver rings, veils and swords. By not coming from a magic background she brought a fresh look and new twist to the world of magic. The people who used to build Roland's scientific instruments now build their custom made illusions. Together, Sarlot and Eyed have performed all over the country, from Las Vegas to Chicago, and Philadelphia to Denver, for audiences ranging from a private event for four thousand Intel guests to the wheelchair-bound patients at the Tucson Veteran’s Hospital.

In 2009 Roland and Susan pared their show to an intimate setting. Their inspiration for the show was based on the late 1800's, the golden era of magic, where the upper crust would be entertained in the parlours of the highest echelons of society. Roland's earlier intimate parlour show he first developed in 2004 at Miraval became the starting point for their new act together. They called this endeavor Carnival of Illusion, a Vaudeville-inspired theater show which played to 62 sold-out audiences in its first season. The third, fourth and fifth seasons sold out every show and in their seventh season created the milestone of 350 sold out shows. Sarlot and Eyed were the 2009 recipients for the "Gwynne Excellence in Magic Award" at the oldest Magic convention in the United States. Soon after, they were granted "Featured Performer" status at the World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle and eventually received articles in the largest conjuring periodicals Genii, Magic, and MUM.

In Carnival of Illusion, Roland Sarlot and Susan Eyed remain true to their international backgrounds combined with their personal passions to create a magical experience that audiences everywhere enjoy.