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Bob Fitch's "FIVE Things to (Immediately) Improve Your Show" Podcast Interview

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by Roland Sarlot and Christian Painter

Bob Fitch magician

What We'll Explore

Bob Fitch explains FIVE well-tested techniques that are easy to implement and have immediate results including how to remove stage fright, connecting to an audience, adding clarity to increase magic moments, enhancing first impressions, and removing useless cliches.

Who is Bob Fitch?

Bob Fitch has appeared in 27 Broadway shows! He’s an actor, director, magician, singer and dancer and has worked with MANY show business legends including Katharine Hepburn, Angela Lansbury, Mickey Rooney, Steve Martin, Jerry Lewis, Carol Channing, Woopi Goldberg, Liza Minnelli, and has coached numerous FISM performers, Vegas magicians, and advised in multiple TV specials. Today he is a director, coach, and magic consultant you can hire to improve your performance.

Running Time:
The following interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

The Interview

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