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Best Magic Tricks of All Time

As professional full-time magicians, we have seen a lot of magic in our lives and could easily make a good list for you. However, we wanted to open this up to someone that has a bit of a time-machine to past eras of magic. He's a magic historian and theater scholar, as well as a University teacher. In addition, he wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on magic during the French Belle Epoque which is arguably the era of the height of magic performance. Read on...

Top 10 Greatest Magic Tricks of All Time

by Dr. Will Given
University of California, San Diego

There are those who argue that all magic tricks can be placed into specific categories. On a basic level, these categories include: appearance/disappearance, destruction/restoration, transformation, levitation, penetration, escape, and prediction. The fact is though, many strong magic tricks do not fall neatly into one of these and instead combine multiple elements of different categories. Magic tricks should not be easily categorized. Instead, they should inspire wonder and cause us to believe the impossible is truly possible. Let's take a look now at our vote for the top ten magic tricks that do precisely that.

Honorable Mentions

What are some of your favorite magic tricks? What tricks have inspired a sense of wonder in you? Our list is very heavily focused on illusion; are there some close-up or parlour tricks you feel MUST be on this list? Do you think it is a travesty that Linking Rings didn't make the cut? Email us and share your vote! If you want to know more about some of the magicians mentioned here, please check out our Top 10 Magicians of All Time list.

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