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Most Disgusting Magic (Trick) Fails Ever!

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ALSO: How Houdini Died
ALSO: Houdini's BEST Tricks

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Who better to create this disgusting list of Magic Fails and Live Magic Shows Gone Wrong for you than a UCSD theater Ph.D., magic scholar, university professor, author, and all around smart guy. This list of terrible magic accidents are going to gross you out so, we suggest you sit down, grab a barf bag, take a few deep breaths, and CAREFULLY read on for the equivalent of Magic Tricks Gone Wrong winners...

The Worst Magic Fails Ever

by Dr. Will Given
University of California, San Diego

We go to magic shows or watch magic on TV in part to feel a sense of wonder and excitement, and a strong, well-run show will help us to suspend our disbelief as audience members. However, sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes the mistake is small, and the magician can recover the performance without the audience even noticing. But other times, the problem is so large that disbelief is instantly broken, and the audience sees that magic is a performance that requires skill, planning, and management (and sometimes even just a little bit of luck) in order to be carried off well. There are some truly dangerous tricks in magic, and when these go wrong, people can be seriously hurt or even killed. Warning: some of THESE FAILURES ARE GRUESOME! Also, it should go without saying, PLEASE do not ever try these at home (or anywhere else for that matter)! These tricks are exceptionally dangerous, and some have proven to be fatal. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

The Worst Magic Accidents Ever

As much as we enjoy mind-blowing tricks and seemingly supernatural feats performed by magicians, there is lot of hardwork and hopefully intelligent, supervised practice required to achieve a level of SAFE protection. These videos demonstrate what happens when you don't do your homework.

As Houdini said, "the real showmanship consists not of what you really do but what mystery-loving public thinks you do'". Even though these illusionists offer lots of mystery, some of them tread a delicate line between mystery and reality which is not risk-free.

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So, what do you think? Are these the greatest magic tricks ever or are magicians the craziest people out there? Some say, welcome to the most successful Darwin Award Candidates ever! If you know of any horrific magic trick fails that we missed, we'll add them here. Write us and let us know!