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10 Best Close-Up Magicians of all Time

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Max Malini signed playing card

Tired of looking at magicians who are only a few centimeters tall on the TV screen? There’s another way you can experience them... close up and LIVE! With close-up magic, the wonders take place within feet if not inches of you. So close in fact that you can almost taste the magic although we don't recommend it. Firstly, the magician is unlikely to thank you, and also the cards taste unpleasantly and unsurprisingly of paper as any magician who’s done a card-to-mouth effect will readily attest.

Best Close-Up Magicians of all Time

by Dr. Taliesin Coward © 2019

Close-up magic is one of the oldest forms of magic around. This is the realm where coins disappear from or jump into your hands, cards that you have been watching like a hawk somehow manage to change their value, and infernal spirits take a sojourn from their otherworldly activities to inexplicably make little balls travel invisibly from one cup to another. With no further ado, I’m delighted to present my personal Top 10 Close-up magicians of all time.

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Honorable Mentions

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Top 10 Close-Up Magicians of all Time

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There are so many good close-up magicians to choose from, it’s hard to whittle the list down to ten. I hope that I’ve included a fair range of some of the best magicians of all time who have helped make close-up magic such an exciting art. Is there someone we missed? Should the list have included Shin Lim, Dynamo, Nate Leipzig, David Stone, John Ramsay, Hofzinser, Lennart Greene, Richard Turner or greats of card magic? Write to Magic Oracle and let us know!