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TOP 10 BEST Derren Brown's Magic Tricks and Mind Illusions

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Derren Brown magician Garry Knight, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons, cropped

Derren Brown is one of the best magicians of our era and who better to create this special list for you than UCSD theater Ph.D., magic scholar, university professor, author, and all around smart guy. If you can't experience his performances at one of his London magic performances, then sit down in your favorite chair, put your feet up on that fancy ottoman, grab your two olive martini, shut that music off, and read on...

Best Magic of Derren Brown Ever!

by Dr. Will Given
University of California, San Diego

Derren Brown is the ultimate showman. Combining mentalism and magic with a theatricality that nods to performances one might expect to find on a Victorian-era stage, Brown has been amazing audiences for decades. From his first controversial special, where he played Russian roulette live on television in 2003, to his television series such as Trick or Treat, Mind Control, and The Experiments, that blur the line between reality and drama, to his numerous stage shows, Brown is constantly challenging audience's notions of what a magician is (and what a magical performance can be). When you go and see one of Brown's shows, you generally get a single man, alone on stage, with a microphone. There are no grand illusions, clouds of dry ice fog, or dancing showgirls. Instead, audiences get an intimate experience. Brown does this by involving the audience directly in his performances and communicates with them throughout his show, ultimately creating a shared experience for all those involved. It is not simply him performing magic, but the entire theatre creating that magic together. Let's take a look now at Derren Brown's Top Tricks!

With Derren Brown creating so many great tricks and illusions, it is very difficult to narrow this list down. Contact us and let us know what you think. Was there an illusion you remember from one of his magic TV specials or his live London magic shows you think should have made the list? Have you seen his show live? Let us know!