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Best Magic Shows (in America) 2024!

Can you believe how popular magic is right now? This may be the pinnacle of magic in America with so many tv shows, movies, youtube channels, masked magicians, and live performances sharing a unique take on this ancient art. If you want to see the best in magic, see it live. Today you no longer have to go to just a few certain cities to see the best. Here is the list of the Best Magic Shows in the Country, state by state. Enjoy what America has to offer. (Shows are alphabetical by state....)

Best Magic Shows in America Winners

Best Pennsylvania Magic Shows

Best South Carolina Magic Shows

Best Tennessee Magic Shows

Best Texas Magic Shows

Best Virginia Magic Shows

Best Washington Magic Shows - Seattle

Best Wisconsin Magic Shows

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Of course, this list of the Best Magic Shows in the Country is always changing as new performers come on the scene after performing their 10,000 hours and others retire and transfer their wands. So, check back or contact us with your suggestions of favorite magicians to add to this list. In the meantime, here is the list of the Best Magicians of all Time which is a fascinating read. Enjoy the magic!