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10 BEST Coin Tricks of all Time!

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ALSO: BEST Close-Up Magicians
ALSO: All Magic Podcasts!

Max Malini signed playing card

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like coins? Ranging from simple and cheap-feeling tokens of exchange, to beautiful works of art in miniature, there’s something undeniably fascinating and mesmerizing about the way they glint, look and feel. They also exercise an irresistible attraction – next time you’re in public and have a hard floor, just drop a coin and see how quickly people react!

Best Coin Tricks of all Time

by Dr. Taliesin Coward © 2020

When it comes to super visual magic—where objects visibly morph, appear, vanish and teleport—few branches of the art can compare to coin magic. Often taking place within inches of the spectator and sometimes even in their own hands, coin magic ranges from the startling to pure poetry in motion, especially in the hands of an expert. Without further ado here are 10 of the best coin tricks ever, showcasing not only the greatest coin tricks but some of the greatest coin magicians ever...

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