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What are the BEST Magic Shows (in Branson) for 2024?

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Branson is family fun-time city, with some of the best magic shows to be found including such acts as Rick Thomas, Reza, Taylor Reed, and the Hamners' Unbelievable Magic Show. Forty years ago you might have visited Branson for a gospel, country music or bluegrass show, but now thousands flock to this family vacation mecca for so much more, including great magic.

With over 50 theaters offering live entertainment morning, noon and night, you will find Branson to be a surprising competitor for some of that Vegas live entertainment sparkle and fun. If Branson is your family's next vacation destination, then be sure to catch one of the many magic shows Branson offers and we're sure you'll have a great time!

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That Old Ozark Magic

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From left to right: Yak Williams owner of It's Magic, little brown bat, Dave and Denise Hamner

Deep in the heavily forested hills of southern Missouri, not far from the Arkansas border, lies a place of wonder, fun and especially magic...stunned? Most people are. That place, however, is Branson, Missouri. When thinking about the Midwest, words like "entertainment" or "magic" seem like a foreign concept. Oddly enough, this modest section of Missouri has always had some magic. Whether based on a dare, too much alcohol, or an impressive amount of forward thinking, Reuben Branson decided to put down roots in a small Ozark settlement in 1882. He later opened a general store and post office close to a riverboat stop on the White River. While the land was beautiful, it wasn't all that inviting until the promise of "free land" attracted settlers to the area looking for freebies. And the city of Branson was born.

Missouri's Ozark area is naturally prone to large caves (and lots of bats). In 1894, William Henry Lynch purchased one such cave (but not the bats) that he named Marvel Cave. The first Branson attraction was born. Travelers would come to see the magic of this natural wonder, starting Branson off on its path to entertainment mecca.

With the publication of The Shepherd of the Hills in 1907, Branson was soon visited by scores of people looking to experience the magic captured in the author's story. Local businessmen saw this opportunity and soon hotels started popping up. As more visitors came to Branson, more entertainment was needed to satisfy curiosity and ensure repeat customers. By the 1950s, and with the completion of the Table Rock Dam, flooding problems were solved and theaters were being built.

As musical entertainment dominated the scene, other theaters sought out diverse types of entertainment. Magic shows and illusionists were slowly added to Branson's growing list of attractions. Finally, people actually had a reason to visit Missouri--even in the summer. The 70s through the 90s saw Branson become the live entertainment capital of the Midwest. With literally hundreds of live shows weekly, magicians and illusionists came to Branson and set up their acts.

The illusionists Dave and Denise Hamner bought a small theater, featuring a variety of family-friendly and eye-popping magic shows. With Reza's Edge of Illusion, you get a quirky and fun magic show that takes an unconventional spin on traditional tricks. Or explore the humor and magic of Taylor Reed. For the young (or older...we're not judging) magic lover, there's the Magic Shop. Purchase simple to complex magic tricks to feed the inner Houdini.

While Midwest stereotypes may abound, Branson, MO shows that even the most unassuming place can hold unprecedented magic and fun.

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